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My Story

My name is Julie Demi, I'm a Cambridge certified teacher trainer and a learning experience designer (Delta 1, Delta 2, Delta 3 ELTM, Cambridge Train the Trainer, CELTA, MA in Management and Linguistics). I speak English, Russian, Ukrainian, German and now I am learning French and Dutch.


I know what it is to change a career and start a new life. After 4 years of working in banking and life insurance, I understood that it didn’t drive me anymore and I decided to start my own business, which could bring some value to this world. At that time I launched 2 educational projects with my business partners from the USA and Ukraine.


After this invaluable experience, I realised what my real calling was and I launched another educational centre on my own. I built up a friendly team of professional psychologists and educators and was lucky enough to work with them for 5 years. The project was launched first in Ukraine, 6 years later I launched it in The Netherlands. I help my clients to enhance their business communication and to develop necessary skills using the most effective approaches.

I’ve transitioned to instructional design in 2021. Creating problem-solving experiences is the area of my interest that's why I discover new tools, which can help me implement my ideas.    

After my relocation to the Netherlands in 2016 I decided to create a special community of expats from different countries who intended to improve their Business English skills and find a job in the Netherlands. Now there are more than 5000 members in my Business English Speaking Meeting group and I have already organised over 250 English Speaking meetings and over 100 job interview preparation workshops in Amsterdam.


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